Final Look

Fashion Descience

This final look was inspired by immunofluorescent images of a terrible gut bacteria called EHEC infecting human cells. The images were captured by confocal microscopy, giving them a bold, clear quality and striking contrast. In the raincoat, I reference the immunofluorescent images in the vibrant colored fabric strips I selected. The pattern I have created with the fabric strips (remnants from my serger) references the vibrancy of the images of bacteria. The reason I chose clear vinyl to sandwich these pieces of fabric in between was to not just showcase the pattern clearly but to represent how the bacteria clings to our body. Each strip of fabric represents the bacteria growing and eventually overwhelming the body. They were also the inspiration for the grid and lines created with the black pleather bias tape. This includes the black outline of of the oversized pockets.

Upon infecting the colon, EHEC injects proteins that effective hijacks important cellular systems to produce striking structures called actin pedestals. The EHEC proteins responsible for this activity function by mimicking host cell proteins and amplify their potency by repetition. The repetition of fabric strips represents the mimicking that occurs with this specific strain of bacteria.

The inspiration for the dress was derived from the white scaly infected cell images. The white eye like shapes out lined in black created in this pattern reference the scaly pill shaped white mounds in the infected cells. The hand draped and sewn portion of the dress that is appliqued onto the hem line represents the scales and other textures found in the images of the infected cells. This fabric has the appearance of water and rain droplets which make me think of the constant flow in the intestines and the droplets represent the disturbance of this flow. The disturbance is the bacteria.

Image A’s color, fuzzy texture and roundness and symmetry was my inspiration for the black felt hat. The web-like images were my inspiration for the black lace blouse.
The two white threaded outlines of hands are to represent Cindy and I’s hand in this Fashion Descience project. Both of us using our hands as our main tool in our selected fields of science and fashion design.

In summary, the vibrancy, texture and beauty of all these images provided by Cindy was my inspiration for each piece I have made. The are detailed pieces that are meant to represent the complexity of beauty. One of the things I love most about this project as a whole it finding the beauty in something normally regarded as “ugly” or “gross” cause let’s face it, we don’t lament about how beautiful our intestines are especially when they are infected by bacteria that gives us bloody diarrhea!